Major changes for the next run of the Warsaw Home Fairs 2018

Warsaw Home Fairs 2018

change for the better specially for you


The changes we intend to to implement are meant to show that the Warsaw Home 2018 is a strong brand, which is bound to compete with the biggest interior design events all over Europe – announces Ms. Kasia Ptak, the originator of the Fairs.


The works on the Warsaw Home 2018 run are already in a due, advanced course. Just within two years the originators managed to create one of the biggest interior design events of the Central Europe. The previous year run, on the 60,000 sq.m of exhibition area of the Ptak Warsaw Expo, managed to gather over 400 companies representing domestic and world known designers. They were the ones which attracted  64,000 of visitors (including 18,000 from abroad!), who gladly appreciated the fact that organizers have put the impact on practical interior design projects. The ideas presented at the Warsaw Home Fairs have also gained appreciation and respect from within the branch, as there were over 20,000 of representatives of various interior design entities and 9,000 architects and designers themselves. Such success proved that the courage and perseverance shown at organization of the event was worth taking . That is why we strongly intend to carry on with our efforts to make it even better every next year to come.


The Warsaw Home Fairs 2018 will be enhanced in order to meet more diversified needs of the branch as well as hopefully numerous visitors. One of the markers of the changes to come will be a new logo; the part of general rebranding, which will make the communication of the event – more coherent. We also intend to implement in February this year a new website, which should facilitate the process of registering of exhibitors and will make their product offer better advertised. The duration of the event will become extended to four days (4-7th of October 2018) and strict separation of the trade part (Thursday and Friday) from the visitors part (weekend), would make establishing of business contacts among professionals – much more easier and effective. In order to meet growing needs fro exhibitors – we have decided to double in size  exhibition space. Because of that, in five halls of a joint space of 120,000 sq.m we will create perfect opportunities for up to one thousand of exhibitors; representing: Furniture, Kitchen&Dining, Interior Finish and Deco segments. Thus, the Warsaw Home 2018 will become even bigger than some a prestigious interior design events from Europe.


22 Jan 2018