"Wydawnictwo Inwestor”

Wydawnictwo Inwestor

"Wydawnictwo Inwestor"

The mission of Wydawnictwo Inwestor is to create the best possible conditions for the development of the wood and furniture industry in Poland, as well as to promote wooden and furniture products both domestically and abroad.

Wydawnictwo Inwestor provides entrepreneurs who use wood or wood-derived materials in their production, services or trade with reliable, expert, up-to-date, practical, and above all useful knowledge. All of this is done through the magazines it publishes:

  • Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego (Wood Industry Gazette)
  • Meblarstwo Komponenty i Technologie (Furniture Components and Technologies)

Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego

Gazeta Przemysłu Drzewnego is a leader in the market of trade publications aimed at the wood industry entrepreneurs. It has been published continuously for 26 years. GPD is read every month by most of the companies in the industry, and its circulation is 20,000 copies. Since 2012, GPD has been published in a modern graphic design and divided into six thematic sections: News from Poland, News from the World, Economics and Market, Up Close, Products and Components, and Techniques and Technologies. This allows for clear and attractive reporting on what is most important for the wood industry.

Meblarstwo - Komponenty i Technologie

Meblarstwo – Komponenty i Technologie is a magazine mainly aimed at furniture producers and components used in their production. The monthly publication provides knowledge about current design trends, presents the latest technologies, and informs about important events related to the furniture industry. It also allows for familiarization with the current offer of suppliers of semi-finished products, components, and accessories used in furniture production – both regarding wood and wood-derived materials, as well as fabrics, plastics, glass, or metals.”

The largest design fair in Europe - Warsaw Home - it's a wrap!

The largest design fair in Europe - Warsaw Home - it's a wrap!

No other trade fair event in this industry develops as intensively and uses time for designer meetings as effectively. The sixth edition was visited by nearly 50,000 guests, most of them industry representatives!

The number of exhibitors was also record-breaking – in all 5 exhibition halls we could see the offers of over 600 exhibitors!

Together, this gives an area of ​​125,000 square meters – more than 14 football fields!

The star of this year’s Warsaw Home was Karim Rashid – one of the most creative designers of his generation. He has over 4,000 projects in his portfolio, for which he has won over 300 industry awards. His works can be found in over 40 countries.

Karim gave an inspiring lecture: the main idea of ​​which was that each of us is unique, can give the world unique beauty and extraordinary design – if you dare to do so. An important aspect of Karim’s projects in recent years is also the idea of ​​“6xR” – Refuse, reduce, repair, reuse, recycle, revolutionize”. The artist also recalled the fruitful cooperation with exhibitors who were also present at the Warsaw Home fair.

During this year’s Warsaw Home fair, archiDAY workshops were held on an area of ​​almost 2400 m2 in hall E. This year, the organizers focused on the practical aspects of the work of an architect and designer, offering listeners free workshops on the four most commonly used design software in the industry. In professionally prepared rooms, architects and designers had the opportunity to improve their skills with programs such as SketchUp + V-Ray, CAD Decor PRO, Archicad, Twinmotion and pCon.Planner. Over 1,200 professionals registered for the workshops. The workshop was accompanied by a sensory exhibition presenting the most interesting works resulting from the Paradyż Designers 2021 competition prepared by the patron of this year’s archiDAY – Paradyż Academy.

Studio Zięta, known in the industry, prepared the GENERATIONS exhibition.

It is a narrative about the utility potential of generative design. A juxtaposition of functional objects with the exploration of their material possibilities. The main area of ​​Oskar Zięta’s search is steel, but his original FiDU technology is also used in the case of other metals, such as aluminum or copper.

The works presented at Warsaw Home are the result of many years of studies on the properties of metal and the use of new technologies in design. These sensual objects-sculptures are present at the Pompidou Center in Paris or Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and awarded with world-renowned awards such as the Red Dot Award, Product Design 2021 or the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award.

Unique objects are ready to be implemented in public or private space.

Another important substantive element of the Expo was the Bathroom Summit conference.

What will the future of our bathrooms look like? What creates it? What changes in technology and design will we have to make to adapt to the changes to come. The answers to these elementary questions were heard during a three-day conference organized by Vinderen as part of the Warsaw Home & Contract fair in October at Ptak Warsaw Expo 2022.

Bathroom Summit is not only an idea of a “bathroom in three days”. A number of experts in the field of architecture, design and interior finishing were invited to cooperate. As a result, the recipients received a huge dose of knowledge in various fields. Lectures on marketing and business in the bathroom industry, trends and good practices of the designer, knowledge in the field of interior finishing and technology are just a few examples of numerous topics that were discussed during the conference.

Important aspects were also ecology and the economic situation in the world. The organizers entered into a dialogue with the audience, together emphasizing and analyzing their direct impact on the bathroom industry.

Thanks to the use of virtual reality, the Bathroom Summit Gallery stand was created – a space treated as an interactive product catalog, created with the use of AR technology, using elements of the real world and a virtual presentation of real products. Based on the real dimensions of the rooms, precise three-dimensional visualizations of bathrooms were created.

Many exhibitors drew attention to the increased number of exhibitors and visitors from Europe and the world. The Warsaw Home fair was a platform for Turkish, Malaysian, Lithuanian, Uzbek and Ukrainian national exhibitors, giving the opportunity to meet potential clients and contractors from the Central and Eastern region of the European Union.

An infinite number of reports on social media confirms that the Warsaw Home fair is a feast for the eyes and an endless amount of visual impressions for visitors.

Many guests stopped by the exceptionally beautiful exhibitions of Ciarko Design, Wersal, Olta, Befame and Kler.

Next year’s edition of Warsaw Home is planned for November 7-10, 2023.
In spring, we also invite you to the Warsaw Home Gift & Deco Fair, which will take place on March 23-25.

See how it was at Warsaw Home & Contract 2022

Report from Warsaw Home & Contract

Organizational information for Exhibitors

Organizational information for Exhibitors 

1.  Contact details, assembly and disassembly dates, trade fair opening hours.

Exhibitors’ support: konsultanttechniczny@warsawexpo.eu

Stand assembly:

  • 04.11.2023 at 8:00 – 18:00
  • 05.11.2023 at 8:00 – 18:00
  • 06.11.2023 at 8:00 – 20:00

Stand disassembly:

  • 10.11.2023 at 18:00 – 24:00
  • 11.11.2023 at 8:00 – 12:00

Opening hours of the fair 07-10.11.2023:

  • For exhibitors – 9:00 – 19:00
  • For visitors – 10:00 – 18:00

2. PTAK WARSAW EXPO (PWE) important technical information: electricity, water and Internet connections, permissible load on the exhibition area, maximum weight of suspended elements, maximum height of the construction.

Electrical connections:
The Exhibitor is obliged to order the appropriate power of electrical connections, necessary to power all electrical devices used at the stand.
The sum of the devices and lighting’s power at the stand will be the basis for ensuring the appropriate power of connections.

Water connections:
The exhibitor is obliged to order water connection in the amount corresponding to the number of machines and devices used at the stand. It is forbidden to connect more than one appliance or sink to one water connection (applies to both the inflow and outflow). Using switching stations and adapters for several devices is prohibited.

PWE connections characteristics: 

Electrical connections:

  • we offer power ranges (in kWh) specified in the Organiser’s order form,
  • three-phase current is supplied (min. 9 kW),
  • Exhibitors ordering three-phase current are asked to specify the socket type (16 A, 32 A, 63 A) and the power consumption of the machines / devices connected at the stand. The Exhibitor / subcontractor of the installation is obliged to precisely define the point of exit of individual connections on the project.

Water connections:

  • inflow – 0.5 inch hose diameter with a valve,
  • sink drain – 1 inch conduit,
  • device / machine drain – PVC cable, 2 inch diameter.

Internet connection:  cable or Wi-Fi (depending on the Exhibitor’s needs)
One Internet connection is assigned to only one computer.



* All kinds of suspensions must be agreed with the technical consultant. Suspending the customer’s element to the hall’s ceiling is possible only after providing the required documentation – declaration regarding the suspension of the elements, the stand base with the design and marked places for suspensions (documents, approvals, manufacturer) regarding the Trilock / Quadrolock structure or other / own structure to which the elements will be suspended – not later than 40 days before the start of the event and after obtaining the consent of the Organizer.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT OF INDIVIDUAL STANDS CONSTRUCTION: in accordance with the stand’s technical plan from the Organizer.

3. Procedures for the approval of stands, surfaces and safety rules on the premises of PWE.

Collection of the stands takes place in the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point located on the premises of PWE.

Additional orders or changes to the construction of the stands will be implemented, if possible, on the stand’s collection day.

In accordance with the trade fair regulations, only non-flammable materials or materials protected with fire retardants to the degree of low flammability may be used to decorate the stand.

Fire-proof impregnated materials must have a valid fire safety certificate.

The Exhibitor is obliged to present current certificates confirming the level of low flammability and non-flammability of the materials used at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point.

There is a total ban on smoking, bringing in and using gas cylinders, also of the tourist type, on the premises of PWE.

Decorations used at the stand may not damage the walls and floor of PWE, therefore it is forbidden to lean metal, glass or furniture against the walls without proper protection.

It is forbidden for exhibitors who decorate their stands to hammer or screw nails, screws and thumbtacks into the walls.

In the event of damage to the elements of the stand construction, the Exhibitor will be charged with the costs of replacing or repairing the damaged element.

Leaving exibitor’s stand elements:

In accordance with the regulations of the Fair, it is forbidden to take down exhibits and clear the display at the stand before the end of the Fair.

The elements of the stand must be disassembled during the hours specified by the Organizer. Exhibitors are required to remove all decorations used at the stand (exhibits, billboards, banners, posters with double-sided tape, colored foil on the construction modules) and restore the exhibition space (stand) to the state found on the date of handover by the Organizer.


In the event of damage to the stand modules or the decoration elements (graphics) left at the stand, the Exhibitor will be charged with the costs of renovation or cleaning the stand modules.

The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for the destruction or loss of the Exhibitor’s property not removed from the Fair by the Exhibitor on time.

On the premises of PWE, it is strictly forbidden to use open fire, machines such as grinders or welding machines, as well as dusting tools without an extraction vacuum cleaner.

Collection of the space along with the ordered connections takes place in the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point located on the premises of PWE. 

Collecting the stand space along with the media connections for the construction of the stand takes place on the day of assembly, based on the Exhibition Area Acceptance Report.

The person collecting the space, if it is not the Exhibitor (e.g. the building contractor), should have an original authorization document signed and stamped by the Exhibitor. Persons authorized by the Exhibitor to construct the building in order to move freely around the Fair grounds should have technical IDs, which will be available at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point. Technical IDs should be completed with the details of the persons authorized to assemble the stand.

Technical IDs are valid only during assembly and disassembly and do not authorize entry to the Fair during the event.

Stands, their furnishings and decorations must be made only of non-flammable materials or protected with flame retardants with an appropriate level of slow flammability. The Exhibitor is obliged to present the Organizer with an appropriate certificate confirming the flammability level of the materials.

Scans or photocopies of the certificates should be sent to the Organizer along with the architectural design of the stand 40 days before the start of the Fair.

The stand construction contractor is obliged to remove all waste and elements left over from the construction site from the stand and communication routes.

The building contractor is obliged to finish or expose each wall adjacent to the neighboring stand and which is higher than 2.4meters in an aesthetic manner, in white. It should be made from non-transparent materials.

The Exhibitor is fully responsible for any loss or damage resulting from improper use of the space, rooms and PWE’s devices by its own employees or the company building the Exhibitor’s stand.

Workers performing electrical installations must have valid SEP certificates in the field of electrical devices operation.

The Exhibitor who builds the exhibition space on his own or through a hired external company is obliged to:

  • provide the name and address of the company building the stand,
  • authorize the construction contractor to take over (in a protocol) the exhibition space for the construction works,
  • submit the architectural, electrical and plumbing design of the stand for approval by the Organizer 40 days before the start of the fair,
  • obtain consent to perform the above-mentioned technical installations,
  • send the contractor’s authorization and declaration, along with certificates confirming that the materials used for the construction of the stand are non-flammable,
  • send full documentation of any suspended structures.

Dismantling of self-built exhibition stands

In accordance with the regulations of the Fair, it is forbidden to take down exhibits and clear the display at the stand before the end of the Fair.

The elements of the stand must be disassembled during the hours specified by the Organizer. Exhibitors are required to remove all decorations used at the stand (exhibits, billboards, banners, posters with double-sided tape, colored foil on the development modules) and restore the exhibition space (stand) to the state found on the date of handover by the Organizer.

Disassembly of the stand must be completed no later than by the end of the date set by the Organizer. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in charging the Exhibitor with additional costs. After the dismantling is completed, the exhibition space should be handed over to the Organizer in an intact condition, corresponding to the condition of the space before the assembly of the stand. All elements used in the construction of the stand, carpeting and adhesive tape must be removed from the surface.

The exhibitor is responsible for any damage resulting from improper disassembly. The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for the destruction or loss of the Exhibitor’s property not removed from the Fair site on time by the Exhibitor.

The teams entering the disassembly must have “technical” IDs (to be collected at the Exhibitor Service Point, on the premises of PWE).

Entry of vans and trucks for disassembly is possible only after the Fair ends.

4. Information on unloading, courier packages and forwarding in PWE.


The delivery of goods and fair displays during the Fair must be completed at least 30 minutes before the opening of the Fair. On other days, it should take place during the assembly hours of the stands.

The Organizer is not responsible for packages sent to Exhibitors, therefore no shipment will be collected from a courier company at the Exhibitors’ Technical Service Point.

The following companies have exclusivity for transport services (e.g. driving forklifts in the exhibition halls and other transport vehicles):

Rafał Skrobutan
Koordynator/ Coordinator
tel.No. +48 22 256 70 55
tel.No. +48 668 890 274
e-mail rafal.skrobutan@netlog.org.pl

Marcin Frontczak
tel.No.+48 501 710 984
e-mail marcin@transmeble.com.pl

The Official Freight Forwarder of the Fair provides exclusive unloading / loading services on the premises of PWE with the use of mechanical devices, i.e. forklifts and crane trucks. Therefore, on the premises of PWE, it is forbidden for Exhibitors and third parties to use mechanical devices for unloading, e.g. cranes, mechanical forklifts, to the premises of the facility, without the consent of the Organizer or the Official Freight Forwarder of the Fair.

The Freight Forwarder provides services through:

  • organization of transport of exhibits, comprehensive customs services,
  • unloading and loading of fair goods in accordance with the sender’s instructions,
  • support of qualified personnel in unpacking / packing exhibits at the stand,
  • professional storage of empty packaging, exhibits and stand construction materials,
  • rental of trolleys and transport platforms.

We are expanding the formula of the Warsaw Home fair

We are expanding the formula of the Warsaw Home fair

Due to the dynamic development and in response to numerous requests from exhibitors and visitors, we extended the formula of the Warsaw Home fair – the flagship project of Ptak Warsaw Expo – with new zones: Electronics, Gift & Deco, Green Days. Our vision was to create the first event in Europe that would cover all elements related to the field of architecture, design and construction. The result of our work are planned 2 editions of Warsaw Home and as many as 8 trade fairs, which cover such industries as: landscape and interior architecture, home electronics, decorations, interior finishing, lighting, interior design, kitchen equipment, furniture, design and interior textiles.

Spring edition March 17-19, 2022

In response to the growing interest and numerous requests from exhibitors and visitors, we decided to expand the Warsaw Home fair with new zones: Warsaw Home Electronics, Warsaw Home Gift & Deco, Warsaw Home Garden; which together with the 2nd edition of Warsaw Home Build will be hosted between 17 and 19 March 2022 at Ptak Warsaw Expo – the largest exhibition center in Central and Eastern Europe.

Receive the invitation
Warsaw Home Build

The second edition of Warsaw Home Build is a celebration of the interior finishing sector. During the upcoming exhibition, leading companies from Poland and abroad will present a wide range of products from the interior finishing industry. The participants will receive lectures and congresses led by market leaders. The event is a must for interior architects, investors, designers, developers, as well as construction companies specializing in finishing works. The Warsaw Home Build fair is the only platform on such a scale for promotion, market analysis and exchange of industry knowledge in Poland.
More information on the website: https://warsawbuild.eu/

Warsaw Home Gift & Deco

Warsaw Home Gift & Deco – the largest industry fair of gifts and decorations in Poland – is an event during which, for three days, products in the field of decorative articles and interior furnishings, as well as everyday products: occasional gifts, souvenirs, toys and textiles for children are presented. As part of the fair, there will be numerous conferences conducted by well-known and respected professionals and a congress that will be a real treasury of knowledge dedicated to the industry. The event is distinguished by the presence of leading producers, designers and designers; displaying products that cannot be ignored.
More information at: https://warsawgiftshow.com/

Warsaw Home Green Days

Warsaw Home Green Days is the largest landscape architecture and gardening fair. The unusual formula of the event allows visitors to actively participate in the fair events, including: The Largest Horticultural Fair in Poland, Bonsai Show, Arborist Shows, Vectorworks Landmark Workshops. The fair is a platform for creative presentations and an incentive to prepare a more interesting offer, enriched with samples, ready-made products or unconventional projects.
More information at: https://greendaysexpo.com/

Warsaw Home Electronics

The international trade fair for electronics for a modern home – Warsaw Home Electronics – is an opportunity for companies from the electronics for home sector to intensify their sales activities and present market premieres. In turn, for visitors to the fair, it is an ideal space for business meetings, exchange of experiences and a source of information about changes taking place in the industry. The fair not only static exhibitions, but also effective and dynamic presentations, enriched with industry conferences and workshops. It is the first event in Poland that presents the most modern technologies and solutions of the world’s leading manufacturers in the home electronics sector in such a comprehensive and innovative way.
More information at: https://electronics-show.com/

Fall Edition September 29 - October 1, 2022

The autumn 6th edition of Warsaw Home & Contract is an event well known in the industry. The fair covers 4 main zones: Light, Textile, Kitchen and Furniture. It is the most important event in the interior design and design industry, which is why for years it has been a must for designers, architects, developers, owners of hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

Warsaw Home Furniture

Warsaw Home Furniture trade fair covers two zones: Selected Furniture and Selected Design. As part of Selected Furniture, Polish and international manufacturers of furniture dedicated to both private spaces and office interiors as well as the HoReCa industry will be presented. Selected Design will present selected international, world-renowned contract brands producing high-quality furniture and accessories for commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, but also for private interiors.

Warsaw Home Kitchen

Warsaw Home Kitchen – an international trade fair for kitchen equipment – was created for those who are looking not only for a beautiful kitchen, but also for practical solutions that make life easier. It presents fashionable and classic kitchen furniture and practical accessories. Also, enthusiasts of porcelain, glass and metal will find unique tableware here. The event is a unique opportunity to learn about the innovations in the kitchen finishing industry, as well as establish valuable business contacts.

Warsaw Home Textile

Warsaw Home Light – international lighting fair – is an event where our exhibitors will present a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting and lighting accessories. The event is a unique opportunity to exchange views and experiences with companies and industry specialists. The presence of leading companies in the industry enables our participants to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. During the event, you will find unique lighting and the latest solutions for offices, hotels, outdoor areas or private investments.

Warsaw Home Light

Warsaw Home Textile – the international trade fair for fabrics and design – is a must for interior architects, as well as for people from the textile and furniture industries. The event is characterized by a wide range of fabrics, knitted fabrics and the highest quality animal and ecological skins. The event is a platform for exchanging views and experiences with companies and industry specialists. It is a place full of inspiration, the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and trends in the textile industry, as well as a great opportunity to establish business cooperation.

The international fair Warsaw Home & Contract at Ptak Warsaw Expo is not only an exhibition, but also numerous market premieres and a source of valuable knowledge in the field of architecture, design and construction. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to establish business contacts, learn about market innovations and expand their competences through lectures, workshops and congresses.

We encourage you to co-create the fair with us.