Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny detail that adds up some magic to our interiors. We can say a lot about how powerful decorative objects are. If we need just a little change in our room, usually a cushion for a couch, a new armchair’s upholstery or one of a kind lamp can make a miracle. Decorations give a personal touch and a pinch that brings out the hidden flavor.

In Deco sector, there are accessories that not only decorate interiors but seem to be also very practical. Smart lightening or other smart home devices? Acoustic curtains that prevent noise from entering inside? Lots of solutions of this kind all visitors will find exactly here.

Exhibited products:

  • lighting
  • smart home devices
  • upholstery and decorative fabrics
  • textiles
  • candles
  • fragrances
  • wall deco
  • home accessories

Warsaw Home, a furniture show, is a place to be. To join us, message Iza Wróblewska, a sector coordinator: +48 518 739 200,