Design Forum was created for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date with all important issues in the design industry. For four days, experts from both Poland and abroad will exchange their ideas about them. We wanted to make sure that all panel discussions meet a certain level of quality, that is why we started to cooperate with Michał Mazur, a trendwatcher, who travels the world to learn more about the latest trends. In 2019, the main subject of the Design Forum is “I am”.

I AM is our motto this year

What does this mean? After having organized 3 editions of Warsaw Home, we want to highlight the importance of people coming here. Designers, architects, manufacturers, and producers who showcase their beautifully designed pieces of furniture and the ones who visit the fair to find well-designed furnishings that could spice up their interiors. People are the reason why we are doing all of this. The Warsaw Home would not make sense without you!

Furthermore, all people when being here have a chance to exchange their ideas, experiences, knowledge, and contacts. They are always in the spotlight. We wanted to underline it by designing the main graphics for this year’s edition. Tomek Kuczma, a polish artist, proved this idea by drawing just one line that connects people “who gather around beautiful, valuable and modern objects that enrich our houses’ interiors and shared spaces.”

We believe that being together is our strength, being united shows the power of diversity and variety of ideas. Experience these positive vibes at the 4th run of the Warsaw Home. Join us and feel this energy!