Why visiting?

In barely two years time we managed to build from the scratch one othe biggest interior design fairs in Central Europe. Just in the previous year, in three halls belonging to the Ptak Warsaw Expo, at 60 ths sq.m, over 400 domestic and foreign firms displayed their products. At no other Polish event you can spot so many leading producers, eminent global companies, talented beginners famous names in design and architecture and generally decent interior design patterns. No other event caters so well for the needs of medium and high segment of furmiture market. Warsaw Home is unique to the Central Europe portfolio of fairs. Scale of the event allow to  combine  many educational elements : debates and workshops, presentations given by small and giant producers, promotion of producers and distributors.

In 2017 the program of Warsaw Home embraced also lectures and discussions with participation of the most important Polish stars of design and architecture e.g. Robert Konieczny, Oskar Zięta, Tomek Rygalik, Robert Majkut, Maja Ganszyniec, Krystian Kowalski, Przemo Łukasik or Jakub Szczęsny – to name a few. The event hosted the duo of designers Neri&Hu Office for Design and Research, Dutch designer and craftsman Paul Heijnen (his works were displayed at the Fairs)  and  Pierre Frey  – the master of French tapestry and wallpaper. The event was visited for the second time by Karim Rashid – his lecture was attended by hundreds of visitors, like during his first staying in Poland.

The 2018 run will be extended to four days (4-7 October 2018 r.), and strict division into a business part (Thursday and Friday)  and open to everybody (weekend), shall facilitate networking done by professionals  In order to satisfy growing demand we have doubled the exhibition space. Thanks to it, in five halls of a joint exhibiting surface of 120 ths. sq.m – at about 1000 firms representing Furniture, Kitchen & Dining, Interior Finish and Deco shall display thsir products and concepts. Thus, the Warsaw Home 2018 will become bigger than presigious interior design events in Poland and abroad.

We invite you warmly to our third run of the Warsaw Home!

Useful info

Important dates

Warsaw Home and Poland Design Festival will be held  between 4-7 of October 2018.

In B2B days (04-05.10.2018) all representatives of the industry are welcomed, while at the weekend (06-07.10.2018) all visitors interested in new trends in interior design are welcomed.

The venue

The Fairs are held in the się w Ptak Warsaw Expo,  Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica, Poland.

A hint: enter “ptak warsaw expo” in Google maps

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available in pre-sales in the Internet and on the spot – at the reception. We recommend to buy tickets on-line. You will avoid wasting time in a long queue on the spot…!

How much does it cost?

The price for B2C is dynamic what means that it changes with time. Please remember that in B2B days (04-05.10.2018) all representatives of the industry are welcomed, while at the weekend (06-07.10.2018) all visitors interested in new trends in interior design are welcomed.

The ticket for professionals is free of charge after the full registration.

Prices of tickets in September:

Tickets for individual clients on business days, Thursday and Friday:

  • B2C two-day ticket for Thursday and Friday: 280 PLN
  • B2C one-day for Thursday: 150 PLN
  • B2C one-day for Friday: 150 PLN

Tickets for individual clients on open days, Saturday and Sunday:

  • B2C two-day ticket for Saturday and Sunday: 120 PLN
  • B2C one-day for Saturday: 70 PLN
  • B2C one-day for Sunday: 70 PLN
  • B2C for a child for Saturday and Sunday: 50 PLN

Can I enter the fair with my child?

Access to the fair on business days (4-5/10/2018) is not recommended. However, if you want your child to accompany you during the fair, please buy a B2C ticket for a given day – Thursday or Friday. Access to the fair for children under the age of 2 is free of charge.

During the weekend, on open days (6-7.10.2018), children up to 12 years old have the opportunity to enter after purchasing a ticket for 50 PLN. Access to the fair for children under the age of 2 is free of charge.

Where to report problem with ticket/lack of ticket?

All problems related to tickets (eg the lack of ticket in your mailbox) should be directed to our sales operator GoingApp. Describe your problem and send it to support@goingapp.pl

How to get to the event?

By car or by shuttle buses linking the centre of Warsaw with Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Are buses free of charge?

Yes, all shuttle buses running from the centre of Warsaw to Ptak Warsaw Expo and back are free of charge.

Is parking lot free of charge?

For comfort of our guests the parking is free of charge.

What are opening hours?

The event will be available between: 10.00 – 18.00.

Are there any refreshments available?

Yes, there will be catering kiosks located all over the venue.

Are there any additional attractions arranged ?

An accompanying event  Poland Design Festival and series of lectures and panel discussions will be held on two stages. Attendance is available with Warsaw Home ticket.

What about a cloakroom? Can I anywhere leave a suitcase?

Yes, there are few cloakrooms arranged and small size suitacses can be safely left there.

How the entrance gates are marked?

Entrance WEST – at hall F

Entrance EAST –  at hall B