Getting ready for Warsaw Home 2019

Getting ready for Warsaw Home 2019 [A LETTER FROM OUR ARTISTIC DIRECTOR]

Preparations to our fair are going at full speed. That is why we want to keep you in the loop, and inspire as well. We plan on writing regularly about design, architecture, our special guests, exhibitors, and other interesting things happening both in Poland and abroad.

We will start with the letter that Jan Szadkowski, art director of Warsaw Home, wrote to you, in which he revealed the new motto of this year’s edition. Feel this energy and please join us in October. LET’S BE together in it!

Dear exhibitors, designers, design fans; dear Warsaw Home Community!

In five months from now comes the next edition of our Fair. And even more great products, beautiful and good projects, fascinating people.

STRENGTH of Warsaw Home was not just our theme last year; it became the catalyst of our team’s energy to build the best event for interior enthusiasts in this part of the world. We believed we could. And that it was worth it.

We’ve managed to create a place for you; so that the interior industry could bloom, get rich. So that you could develop creatively and financially. So that the Fair was a real platform for the exchange of ideas and trade.

We pay close attention to issues that could improve the quality of the event. We listen to your voices to introduce possible changes. We fight the barriers of impossibility. We want this for you.



And that’s why our motto this year are two words: I AM.

Because WE ARE for you. Here and now.

Because WE ARE aware that without you – Warsaw Home would not make sense.

Because WE ARE focused on quality. We want to grow. And we believe that you are with us.

Because WE ARE hungry for knowledge. Therefore, even more fantastic presentations and lecture panels on this year’s stage.

But I AM in this edition is also saying that despite the apparent focus on products and projects – PEOPLE are most important for our fair.

people – designers

people – producers

people – customers

And although it is obvious, we forget this plain truth sometimes. Because our ambitions and goals are multiplying; because we focus on analyzing the data bars. Because we’re always in a hurry. And that’s when we chip away from the “for whom” we’re doing all this.

That is why we focus on the PEOPLE in this edition. And we hope you take the same approach this year.

That people designers would develop creatively with a sense of responsibility for the environment;

That people producers would achieve their goals through environmentally friendly solutions;

That people clients would have rich experience during the exhibition as well as gain awareness of how to consume responsibly, and not hurting the world.

Because I AM is also referring to the world that surrounds us. A world for which we are collectively responsible. Let’s be in it together and help it flourish and survive.

I AM. Warsaw Home focuses on PEOPLE this year, their awareness and shared responsibility. And so, it is an invitation to a grand exchange of ideas and cooperation.

Therefore, the current graphics of the Fair is a combination of glances, smiles, and emotions – a colorful composition of faces forming a dynamic, coherent whole. Leading his drawing with an unbroken line, the author, Tomek Kuczma, perfectly rendered the essence of our motto this year.

I sincerely invite you to Nadarzyn near Warsaw for the fourth edition of our fair.

See you in the first days of October!

Getting ready for Warsaw Home 2019Jan Szadkowski

Art Director of Warsaw Home