Without a doubt we love to be surrounded by beautiful items. Some of us can finally immerse in this world of beauty.  For instance, when choosing the décor to a new apartment or a newly revamped room. And it is a truly enjoyable experience!

Good design is not only about pretty things but it is also about us. We want to feel comfortable in our homes. This means that the objects we use need to be given a personal touch. That is why we advocate for personalization, customization, and tailor-made solutions. We want to avoid commercial and mass-produced items. In addition, we like to observe new tendencies in design – the things that both give some vibes to our interiors and make them more functional.

Warsaw Home – a furniture show – meets all these expectations. In Selected Design – one of the sectors of our trade fair – tens of exhibitors showcase their premium pieces of furniture that reflect the latest trends. They show a totally new, innovative approach to design. Moreover, classical furniture of the best quality is presented at our fair as well. All objects exposed here are exceptional and they win visitors’ hearts.  

Don’t miss it! Join us at this year’s edition. Message Marta Pęczek, a sector coordinator: + 48 690 183 452, m.peczek@warsawhome.eu

Each exhibition in Selected Design sector gives some visual delight. The best designers and producers come to Warsaw Home to make it the only event of such unique type in this part of Europe.

In Selected Design one can find furniture for:

  • home
  • office
  • other public spaces

Exhibited products:

  • office furniture
  • acoustic booths
  • sofas
  • lighting
  • chairs
  • tables