Nowadays, Home and office interiors – that used to differ so much – have finally become closer to each other. What does this mean? Many differences between these two have faded away recently.

All the spaces where we spend all day long should reflect our personalities, the way we feel and what we do – and so it is happening now. Our apartments turn into our private oasis, while offices are transformed into cozy rooms filled with sofas and eye-catching decorations of walls and ceilings. Both home and office furniture can be find in Selected Furniture sector.

Don’t miss it! Join us at this year’s edition. Message Marta Pęczek, a sector coordinator: + 48 690 183 452,

Our furniture expo is a place for all exhibitors whose furniture shows that good design is not only about prettiness but also about functionality.

Exhibited products:

  • tables
  • sofas
  • beds
  • mattresses
  • office furniture
  • armchairs
  • wardrobes
  • chest of drawers