maing graphics for Warsaw Home 109

„I am” – a Few Words About the Motto and Main Graphics of This Year’s Edition

Let’s start with the roots of trade fairs… Events of this type connect people together, giving them what they need. They are in the spotlight. This idea was proved by Tomek Kuczma who designed the main graphics for Warsaw Home 2019:

“Warsaw Home, above all, is all about connection. It connects people, businesses and generations together. It is also a great platform for exchanging ideas, experiences, knowledge, and contacts.

The main graphics theme of this year’s edition of Warsaw Home, is based on the concept of just one line that connects people, who gather around beautiful, valuable and modern objects, that enrich our houses’ interiors and shared spaces. From the very beginning I knew, I had to form an object, not just a 2D graphics. I have developed a multi-facial motif, suggested by Warsaw Home team, which was a single continuous line to create the image of the crowd. The picture became a starting point for creating graphics for Warsaw Home, Poland Festival, and Design Forum.

One can look at the picture from more than just one perspective, the same goes for the trade fair.

From the distance, we see an energetic spot, that is vibrant with shapes and colours. Take a closer look, and you will notice particular faces, you will find out who talks to whom and you will discover a lot of details in it.

The title „I am” – the main motto of this year’s edition – underlines my conviction that it is better to be together than alone”.


Warsaw Home - the main graphics of this year's edition
Warsaw Home 2019 – the main graphics, black and white version

More about Tomek Kuczma, the designer of the main graphics for Warsaw Home 2019:

Tomek Kuczma

 Tomek Kuczma

A graphic designer, who is specializing in a visual identification and a communication strategy.

An author of posters, CD covers, typography, surrealistic paintings, drawings, and comics. A multi-instrumentalist and animations’ & video installations’ creator. For many years he was a member of the Warsaw audio-visual collective known as RDKillers. An author of logos and identification systems for brands such as: Kayax Music, Festiwal OFF Camera or BLIK. Rewarded with Red Dot Design Award, Brand Identity Grand Prix and a few KTR awards.

With Maja Ganszyniec, he creates both brand strategies and visual identifications, for polish enterprises with a long history, but with a weak image. Until now, they gave a new meaning to companies like Davis Fabrics from Bielsko-Biała or Beskidzkie Fabryki Mebli „BeFaMe”. Since 2018 he is co-creating a furniture brand Nurt, where he is an art director. More on