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Warsaw Home & Contract

Warsaw Home & Contract is a great concept that brings together trade fair events with architecture, design and construction. The fair very quickly became the most important industry event in this part of Europe. The natural direction of the development of our flagship project was to create an event covering all sectors in the field of architecture and design. Every year, the event attracts leading designers, producers, shop owners, architects, interior designers and individual clients; providing a convenient business platform for all participants.


Warsaw Home Spring Edition

March 17-19 2022

4 trade fair events at one time

The spring edition of Warsaw Home includes 4 fair events covering the following sectors: landscape and garden architecture, finishing materials, interior decoration and electronics for a modern home. It is a unique opportunity to meet leading companies from a wide range of industries presented at the fair; improve qualifications thanks to numerous lectures and learn about innovations on the market.

Warsaw Home Build
Warsaw Home Green Days
Warsaw Home Gift & Deco
Warsaw Home Electronics
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Warsaw Home in numbers






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Warsaw Home Autumn Edition

September 28 - October 1, 2022

4 trade fair events at one time

The autumn edition of Warsaw Home is an event well known in the industry. The fair is divided into 4 main zones: Light, Textile, Kitchen and Furniture. It is the most important event in the interior design and design industry, therefore it is a must-see for leading designers, architects, developers, owners of hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

Warsaw Home Furniture
Warsaw Home Textile
Warsaw Home Kitchen
Warsaw Home Light
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Struktura odwiedzających

Żadne inne wydarzenie targowe w tej branży na świecie nie rozwija się tak intensywnie i nie wykorzystuje równie skutecznie dobrego czasu dla designu. Piątą edycję odwiedziło 48 672 gości w tym 82% to przedstawiciele branży

Kto odwiedził targi:

Architekci i projektanci 43%
Deweloperzy 16%
Producenci 16%
Sieci handlowe,sklepy 10%
Studenci architektury 3%
Media 1%