Opis Wystawcy


Istanbul Exporters’ Association (IEA) is a semi-governmental non-profit association under the Ministry of Trade of Türkiye since 1937 and working to promote the real potential of Turkish exporters. IEA’s mission is to contribute to the economic development of Türkiye through improving foreign trade. One of the main duties of IEA is to organize the national participation of Turkish companies to the international exhibitions to introduce Turkish products to world markets.
IEA serves to assist, motivate and drive exporters to reach new markets, prepare them future developments and help to increase their sales as well as raising the quality of their products. Same of the tasks and functions of IEA are to make studies and research activities with the aim of harmonizing the production and export potential of Türkiye with the requirements of importing countries, to organize courses, seminars and vocational trainings, to arrange incoming and outgoing trade missions, to make national participations to the most important exhibitons all over the world, to participate in fairs with info booths, to manage sectoral clustering projects for SME’s and to perform other duties given by Ministry of Trade of Türkiye. IEA also transmits the changes of trade flows and informs the exporters about the current developments within the foreign markets.
IEA contains wide range of companies dealing with export of commodities such as furniture, paper based packaging materials, forestry products, pulses, confectioneries, canned food, seafood products and so on.